Advantages of Electronic Portfolios for Civic Engagement Projects

Electronic Portfolios:

  • do not cost anything
  • are easy to set up and use
  • do not require downloading any software
  • do not require any programming skills
  • can easily incorporate multi-media (such as video and audio recordings and colored graphs and photographs) and at no cost
  • are more environmentally friendly than alternatives
  • decrease the risk of losing or damaging the portfolio
  • have good privacy settings
  • can be customized easily
  • can be updated by all group members much more easily than paper portfolios
  • can be shown to others (e.g. community partners, employers, friends)
  • encourage collaboration
  • provide a public audience for the student’s work, thus providing extra motivation to do well
  • make it easier for the professor to grade, transport, store and showcase the portfolios
  • make it easier for students to build on past projects
  • make it possible for the professor to require students to comment on each other’s work, ask critical questions of each other, participate in others’ events, and help each other out
  • make it easier for the university to a) assess learning and b) showcase student work to alumni, community partners, potential donors, Board of Trustees members, and the larger community