Others Who Use Projects Inspired by EngagedPhilosophy.com

Marilea Bramer is an Associate Professor of Philosophy, Minnesota State University Moorhead. Her areas of interest are ethics, Kantian moral theory, feminist philosophy, social and political philosophy, and business ethics.

Yi Deng, an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of North Georgia, has taught and will continue to teach courses that combined ethics and civic engagement projects. Yi also used CE projects at the Minneapolis Community and Technical College and Hamline University. Her specializations are social and political philosophy, ethics, especially Kantian moral and political philosophy, Chinese philosophy, and global justice. She received Fostering Engagement Award from the University of North Georgia in 2014. Her blog displays her students’ work: https://blog.ung.edu/ydeng/?page_id=10

Monica Erling is an Instructor of Sociology at Hennepin Technical College. She can be reached at merling@hennepintech.edu

Ashlie Meredith is the Graduate Student and Lead GTA at the San Francisco State University Philosophy Department. She can be reached at ashliem@mail.sfsu.edu

Leslie C. Miller is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction, Colorado. He is currently assigning CE projects in his ethics courses. Miller specializes in Philosophical Practice and Continental Philosophy, with an emphasis on Heidegger and Phenomenology.

Will Mittendorft was inspired by EngagedPhilosophy. More information about his projects is on his web site.

Nathan Nobis, an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Morehouse College, developed an assignment to encourage students to engage the community on moral issues using logical and argumentative tools. Nobis also blogs on socially engaged topics on his web site.

Colin Patrick, received his PhD in philosophy from University of Chicago in 2012. He has taught philosophy at several colleges in the Portland area since 2008, including Pacific University, where he was visiting assistant professor in 2011-12. He has assigned civic engagement projects in multiple classes.

Kathleen Waller, teaches International Baccalaureate classes at Renaissance College in Hong Kong. She was inspired by EngagedPhilosophy to assign CE projects to her classes.

Chad Wiener, formerly a Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Pacific University, taught a course that combined ethics and civic engagement. Wiener specializes in Ancient Greek philosophy, especially Plato and Aristotle. Wiener will be using the same projects at Old Dominion University, where he teaches now.