Philosophical Insights and Skills

  • 6185395256_1ce01e1abd_o“This project served as a way for me to understand the connections between philosophy and the environmental world—something that I had been searching for in many of my other philosophy classes.”
  • “I suppose that altogether this project served as a conduit for me tounderstand the connections between philosophy and the environmental world—something that I had been searching for in many of my other philosophy classes.”
  • “This enabled me to become impassioned in a new way, and express my realizations, insights, in a different way than an academic exercise usually allows…This forum forced me to make connections I may not have necessarily made. And I am very pleased with the outcome.”
  • 5204723068_20bf9b3077_o“If Ethics class was not a requirement there is no chance I would have taken this class. And if this class wouldhave just been reading the book I would have had no interest at all, but having the project made it very interesting and made [me] a better person. Now I realize it doesn’t take much to take it to the next level…Now I realize every person “can do” amazing things and if more people just tried to help their community or a few people the world would be a much better place.”
  • “Having deeply considered the tragedy of the commons and our uses of land, ecofeminism, American philosophical pragmatism, the role of science in our decision making, overconsumption and human nature, I feel that I am better equipped to defend my moral obligations to the [Leadership Campaign] movement here and overseas.”


Practical Insights and Skills

  • Advanced_editing_workshop_at_Wikipedia_in_Higher_Education_Summit,_2011-07-09“I personally grew from this project.  I learned to be a leader while doing this project, developed better organizational skills, and I also became a much better problem solver.  I developed better individual skills that will most definitely help me later on in the future.”
  • “This project was definitely a highlight of my year in terms of really feeling challenged and doing something tangible that makes a difference, as opposed to just learning for the sake of learning.”
  • “An even greater lesson came from this project though. I realized that I love teaching kids and seeing the difference I can make. I recently was going to school for accounting, but now am going for elementary education.”
  • 'FREE_HUGS',_Speaker's_Corner,_Hyde_Park,_London“I live with Melanoma. It is a daunting task to do anything. I also am a single mom, in my early 40’s, returning to school with a full time job. I have not only a little individual to take care of (she just turned 4, and needs my attention at all possible moments we can spend together), but I have a house to maintain, bills to pay, chores to be done, school to attend to, and not enough hours in a day to take care of my “to-do list”, much less myself… I haven’t the time or energy to get out to do a public event or charity drive. I have a beautiful little girl who depends on me and wanted a play room. I have many appointments and due dates that needed a more organized office area… Throughout my project, I have cleaned and organized and have vowed to place things for a yard sale and a donation offer. I have found many great usable things to donate to others, and also for clothes I could give back to “Dress for Success”, who has helped me in my dire time of need….I haven’t completed it to 100% yet, but I am taking it a little by little and coming out victorious. I have helped not only my love of my life, but also people who have helped me, without even knowing it. Giving is the best reward! That is why this project was a simple task. Having everything (materially), and then having it taken away. . . . Regardless of job loss, health issues, accidents etc. . . . . Life will be life, and how you want to live yours and be remembered by your loved ones is what REALLY counts.”

Citizenship Insights and Skills

  • Rain Garden Edgewood College“I am so caught up with what I am doing with my life that half the time I do not even know what is going on in the world.  … You expect everything to just magically get better.  But the truth is that if you don’t do something about it the issues now, then you will be screwed in the future.”
  • “I feel everything I did had a measurable effect on the people I was able to help. I tend to use the excuse that if I don’t do something the slack will get picked up by someone else. I feel this time I was able to get past that and actually get out there and make a difference. I clothed a family for at least a couple years! I paid for two surgeries to be performed on children that may smile now! I helped package over a thousand meals for people in third world countries! I overhauled an engine to working order, sold it and donated the money to a righteous cause!”
  • Art-w-kids-2“I’ve grown in ways I never expected to due to the structure and implementation of the curriculum, especially in terms of exercising agency in environmental justice.”
  • “One of the things I learned while doing this project was that picking something that I was passionate about kept me motivated. If I had picked a problem that I was less interested in I would have been less motivated to go out and do something to fix it. This project also motivated me as well because I have always wanted to get involved in community activities but never had any direction for what I wanted to do. This project pushed me into finally getting out and just starting with something. I like that I was able to mix my desire for community activity with my passion for motor sports.”
  • 8359536084_c58309360d_o “This project has been a journey of reflection and appreciation of my life and the lives of those around us. For every time I try to do something to help, it opens up a new door of knowing and also creates a feeling of helplessness in every form. When I started this project I was so excited about the whole project that it did not matter what the cost was I had to get it done…And so I went in with a feeling of great anticipation and sense of achievement, that I was going to do something great.  Well this is not what happened after I had the time to go around and look for the poorest of the poor to give these blankets to and seeing the conditions that these people are living in, it made me feel so helpless and hopeless that I really did not
  • 4538784598_f2ecb62434_bknow what else to do. I felt helpless and thought to myself why people should have to live like this? With so many riches in the world, why are we still seeing such a thing? It made put things in to a whole new prospective. That is, I do not need all that I have, because that does not give me any value as ahuman being. It makes me feel that this is all greed and if we as people could all do a little bit, one person at a time or one person to a person this world will be a better place. We all have the ability to make a difference in the lives of those around us and far away so let’s try to do that and enjoy this life in a more meaningful way.
  • 5510566850_798c5609f7_o“Your instructions were to be honest with the reflection. Well, here is mine. When I read the syllabus I was full of anxiety and had no idea what to do for a project. “I do not know how to do anything” and “What do I have to offer?” is what went over and over in mymind. I did not want to do it at all. Critical Thinking pushed me; pushed me to think, pushed me out of my comfort zone and to bring out my inner desires to be helpful and useful. I was surprised how some of my peers at work would come to buy the tickets and share their personal stories of loss or triumph and thanking me for contributing to the Cure. This project was rewarding and I know the proceeds will touch the lives of many. I am grateful to have done the project and it has lit a fire in my heart to continue on with “Crochet for a Cure” with donating hats and lap blankets potentially to the Jane Brattain Breast Cancer Center or reach out to Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation to see where I may be able to donate the crocheted items. I thank you for the opportunity!”
  • “– Hey…I was a student in your online summer Ethics course. I’m the one who did the grief group picnic for my project. I thought you’d like to know I recently organized an event to raise awareness about depression. A classmate of mine form high school had taken his life due to depression and after hearing about it I felt like I had to do….something. I convinced two of my best friends to longboard 150 miles with me from Duluth to my house in Blaine this last weekend. We posted it on Facebook and set up a website for donations and it kind of went viral. Kare 11 news came to interview us (see below). And, it just kept getting bigger and bigger from there. Duluth TV interviewed us and today even the ABC Neswletter came over and did an interview for Friday’s paper. Sunday we rolled in to Blaine after longboarding 150 miles in the 22mph wind and heat to over 100 people cheering us on. It was amazing and incredibly rewarding. Anyway thanks for teaching me the skills to plan and organize an event that in the end made a difference. We raised over 3000 dollars!!! See link: Just wanted to say thanks:-)”