Dan Hicks

I’ve never really seen philosophy to be valuable in itself. It’s always been a way for me to pursue other goods, personal but especially political.”  Read the full interview.

Themes: Government Policy, Philosophy of Science, Science and Technology Studies, Feminist Philosophy, Values in Science, Fellowship

Sharyn Clough

“With John Dewey, we wanted to encourage the idea that wisdom isn’t something you have, it’s something you do.” Read the full interview.

Themes: Phronesis, Pragmatism, Peace Studies, Philosophy for Children, Undergraduate and Graduate Education

Stephanie Jenkins

In the philosophy classroom, my aim is to catalyze…transformative experience for my students.” Read the full interview.

Themes: Student-Led Interviews, Phish, Philosophy of Art, Philosophy of Music

Cristina Cammarano

“We connect our experience in the local public school, which has wonderful dedicated teachers serving a student population that is for the most part in poverty, with larger questions about inequality, policy, and resource allocation.” Read the full interview.

Themes: Education, Philosophy For Children, Philosophy Of Education

Ian Olasov

“The Ask a Philosopher booths have been super gratifying…you get to make these intense, intimate, unpredictable, sort of sweetly ephemeral connections with complete strangers.” Read the full interview.

Themes: Public Philosophy, Podcast, Brooklyn Public Philosophers, Ask a Philosopher, Op-Ed

Megan Halteman Zwart

Equipping students with skills and knowledge about how to plug into existing organizations will benefit any community the students eventually find themselves in.” Read the full interview.

Themes: Food Ethics, Semester Course, Field Trips

Eric Weber

When you put your work out there, people sometimes pay attention.” Read the full interview.

Themes: Public Philosophy, Radio, Podcast, Op-Ed, SOPHIA

John Torrey

To change how Blacks are socially recognized, we must change how Blacks are valued in society. One way is by highlighting in educational spaces how central Black contributions are for society.” Read the full interview.

Themes: Precollege Philosophy, Discussion Groups, Education, Black Americans

Lisa Kretz

I realized the import of tending to the emotional impact of coursework on students. In particular, I started to think about the importance of fostering hope in the classroom.” Read the full interview.

Themes: Social Change, Student-Designed Civic Engagement

Peter Shea

“I came to think of my public work primarily as making lives available to people so that they could think about their own lives in relation to interesting alternatives.” Read the full interview.

Themes: Film, Cable TV, Intellectual Geography, Lives, Interviews

Peter Singer

“[P]hilosophy is more than an intellectual exercise. It changes lives.” Read the full interview.

Themes: Utilitarianism, Public Philosophy, Effective Altruism

Sharon Meagher

“I believe that the arts and humanities are the great equalizers, not only because they supply the content of the values that we must bring to civically engaged work, but because ‘expertise’ does not function in the same way that it does with the professional schools.” Read the full interview.

Themes: Philosophy of the City, Feminism, Arts, Humanities, Community Partners, Creative Placemaking

Yi Deng

“To learn from a group of passionate friends and practice what you have learned together—is this not a joy?” Read the full interview.

Themes: Student-Designed Civic Engagement, Ethics, Semester Course, Cosmopolitanism

Sarah K. Donovan

“Civic engagement projects build a common context of experience that we can draw on in discussion. This helps us to build trust that is essential to developing a strong intellectual community, and sets the tone for us to be creative as we connect theory to practice.” Read the full interview.

Themes: Learning Community, Ethics, Tutoring, Immigration, Debate Club

Monica “Mo” Janzen

“I want my students to know that they can choose the life they want to have, that they can overcome tragedy/suffering, that people care about them, and that they have power to effect change in the world.” Read the full interview.

Themes: Community College, Ethics, Experiments in Ethics, Student-Initiated Civic Engagement Projects, Citizenship

Andrew Winters

“Being able to help members of the community recognize philosophy’s capacity to assist them in living more reflective and thoughtful lives is worth waking early to greet the stars.” Read the full interview.

Themes: Stoicism, International Stoic Week, Lifestyle, Cosmopolitanism

Adam Briggle

“I hope students walk away seeing that many of our problems today actually hinge on philosophical and humanistic questions even though they are packaged as technological or economic in nature.” Read the full interview.

Themes: Field Philosophy, Technology, Environment, Fracking, Government

Nancy McHugh

Teaching in the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program “forces me to think about justice, ethics, and our obligations to others every time I teach and every time I reflect on the experience.” Read the full interview.

Themes: Prison, Justice, Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program, Environment, Student-Led Project

Michael Burroughs

“I believe that philosophy, or asking and considering philosophical questions in life, is part of the human condition. So, I’m interested in, and my research centers on, engaging in philosophical work and related questioning with a wide range of people, especially children.” Read the full interview

Themes: Philosophy for Children, Ethics, Research

Amy Reed-Sandoval

“The Philosophy for Children in the Borderlands program is very much a community dialogue about philosophy itself and what it can do for us—and in this sense the program both benefits and is benefited by the El Paso-Juárez community.” Read the full interview.

Themes: Latinx Philosophy, Philosophy for Children, Volunteer Work, Community Partners

Chad Wiener

“Students learn that real projects do not follow a linear path—they demand your creative attention to address problems as they arise.” Read the full interview.

Themes: Practical Philosophy, Character Development, Student Designed Projects, Community Partners

Soazig Le Bihan

“The feedback I get from students is that they get a sense of how projects that seem small can matter a lot.” Read the full interview.

Themes: Practical Philosophy, Examined Life, Student Designed Projects

Kathie Jenni

“Experiencing the undisputed facts themselves often brings about personal transformations, changes in worldview, and commitments to long-term activism.” Read the full interview.

Themes: Animals, Intensive, Volunteer Work, Seminar

Stephen Bloch-Schulman

“Civic engagement work with students is powerful, fun, hard as all get-out, and nerve-wracking. Did I mention fun? It is.” Read the full interview.

Themes: Ablism, Trust, Feminism, Justice, Community Outreach